How to Get Noticed at Your Next Car Show

How to Get Noticed at Your Next Car Show

Anthony Buick GMC is hosting a Buick charity car show on June 7, and we’re expecting to see a wide range of beautiful cars like the iconic GNX, timeless Skylark, and unique Wildcat. Whether you own a classic Buick and plan on taking part of another vintage car that you like to trot out when the opportunity arises, here are some ways you can get noticed at your next car show.


Car shows are all about details, which is why it’s so important to meticulously detail your car before presenting it at a show. Spend plenty of time cleaning each part of your vehicle and polishing everything to as perfect a shine as possible.


Don’t neglect tires. A beautiful car sitting on boring or dirty tires can ruin the whole presentation, so take some time to clean and polish tires so they match the shine of your vehicle.

Consider your parking spot

One good way to get a lot of attention at a car show is to get a premium spot. Consider parking in the shade or near any vendors or other spots that might see a lot of natural foot traffic. This way, people will be more inclined to linger at your vehicle instead of just walking by.

Open windows

Finally, always open all windows to your car. Car enthusiasts love a chance to check out their interior as well as the exterior, so don’t deprive them of half the fun.

If you own a vintage Buick that you want to show off or just want to check out some classic cars, be sure to visit our charity car show on June 7. For more information on the show and how you can register your ride, visit Anthony Buick GMC.

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