Tips for Washing Your Car This Spring

Tips for Washing Your Car This Spring

Now that the weather in Gurnee is finally starting to change for the better, you can head outside and get rid of that layer of dirt your car gathered over the winter. Rather than spending your time and money at a drive-through car wash, why not do it yourself and get some sun at the same time? If you follow these easy tips for washing your car, you’ll have it looking brand-new in no time.

Use the right soap

While you might assume that soap pretty much the same across the board, they have subtle differences that matter when you apply them to your car. If you can, avoid using hand soap, anything meant for your dishwasher, or class cleaner to wash the body — they can erode the wax. Instead, opt for a car-specific product.

Propper washing technique

The most important thing to keep in mind when washing your car is that it’s easier than you think to muck up the paint. To avoid that, use a soft sponge and move it in straight lines along the body rather than in a circular motion. If you drop whatever you’re using on the ground, wash it out thoroughly to make sure there’s no debris left. Similarly, use a different sponge to wash the wheels, as they tend to pick up more grit than the body, and may need a different type of soap.

Dry it off

It may be tempting to hop behind the wheel as soon as you’re done washing your car and let the air do the drying, but that’s a recipe for streaks and water spots. Rather, use a squeegee — if you have one — to push most of the water off, then blot your vehicle dry with towels.

If you follow these tips for washing your car, it’ll wind up looking shiny and new for summer. To make sure it perform the same way, schedule your next service visit at Anthony Buick GMC in Gurnee, IL.

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