Tips for Maintaining Your Luxury Vehicle | Anthony Buick GMC | Gurnee, IL

Tips for Maintaining Your Luxury Vehicle | Anthony Buick GMC | Gurnee, IL

A luxury vehicle isn’t just a ride — it’s a status symbol. With high-end materials and pristine engineering, a premium ride is also a worthwhile investment. But if you want to retain the most value possible from your luxury vehicle, you need to learn how to take care of it.

Regular service

If you were driving a car you didn’t care about, you might put off addressing service needs for as long as possible. When you’re the owner of a luxury vehicle, however, that’s not an option. You need to protect your investment by backing it up with excellent care from expert mechanics at Anthony Buick GM. Check the owner’s manual to get an idea of how often your ride needs certain maintenance.

Keep it clean

Luxury vehicles are made with premium materials, including soft leather, glistening chrome, and even genuine wood. Protect the cabin of your gorgeous ride by vacuuming the seats twice a week. Use leather cleaner to clean seat surfaces and a microfiber cloth to add shine to the dashboard and controllers.

Know road conditions

Driving on bumpy roads in Gurnee, Illinois, can hurt vehicle health if you drive over potholes or rough terrain. Be careful on the road and avoid bad road conditions where possible. Another way to ensure your vehicle delivers in the clutch is to maintain the tires regularly — stay up to date on rotations, make sure they’re properly inflated, and get new tires when the tread gets too low.

If you need help keeping your high-quality Buick or GMC in showroom shape, we’re here to help. Schedule your appointment with the service and maintenance experts at Anthony Buick GMC in Gurnee and we’ll do what we can to help you maintain your luxury vehicle.

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