GM Unveils Hummer EV SUV | Anthony Buick GMC | Gurnee, IL

GM Unveils Hummer EV SUV | Anthony Buick GMC | Gurnee, IL

GM has reimagined one of its most iconic designs with all-electric, off-road capabilities. The automaker recently released details on the latest addition to the Quiet Revolution with the 2024 Hummer EV, GM’s first all-electric SUV, and they are electrifying.

The Hummer EV joins its electric pickup truck counterpart as part of GM’s electric portfolio designed for a world with zero emissions. The Hummer EV SUV will share many of the same features and capabilities as the pickup, such as CrabWalk, a revolutionary setting that allows the SUV to drive diagonally at low speeds, and Extract Mode, an air suspension system that raises the Hummer six inches.

True to its electric nature, the Hummer EV will be powered by Ultium, GM’s’s new modular electric battery platform. The Ultium platform provides a driving range up to 400 miles and has a 300 kW fast-charging capability. The Hummer EV combines efficiency with performance, offering up to 830 horsepower and the potential to go from 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds.

Similar to the Hummer EV pickup, the electric SUV will also feature the second generation of Super Cruise, GM’s advanced driver-assistance system. All Hummer EVs will include a three-year subscription to Super Cruise, offering hands-free driving and automatic lane changing on more than 200,000 miles of compatible roads.

The Hummer EV will go into production in early 2023 and have a release date of spring 2024. When it does, make sure to visit Anthony Buick GMC in Gurnee, Illinois, to check out one of the most promising new SUVs of the decade.

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