Summer Car Maintenance Tips | Anthony Buick GMC | Gurnee, IL

Summer Car Maintenance Tips | Anthony Buick GMC | Gurnee, IL

Ready to hit the open road for a summertime adventure? Before you map out your road trip and pack up your GMC Acadia, make sure your vehicle is shipshape by following these easy car maintenance tips.

AC service

Stay cool this summer by giving your car’s climate control system some TLC. If you notice that your vehicle is only blowing warm or faintly cool air, bring it to the Anthony Buick GMC service center. We’ll give your car’s AC system a full checkup and recharge its Freon levels if needed. Avoid the temptation to use a DIY Freon recharging kit. It only takes a small miscalculation to damage the entire AC system by adding too much pressure.

Oil changes

Oil changes are a crucial part of routine maintenance. When your car’s engine has clean oil, its internal parts can move with minimal friction. In addition to reducing wear and tear, clean oil helps prevent the engine from overheating.

To determine when your car needs an oil change, check the owner’s manual and take a glimpse at your car’s oil quality every few weeks. If it’s coffee-colored or seems to have grit inside it, consider having the oil changed.

Check up on fluids

Whether you drive a family-friendly Yukon or a hardworking Sierra HD, your vehicle needs fluids to function properly. Inspect the level and quality of your car’s transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant, and power steering fluid at least once per month, and top off its fluid levels as needed.

Make sure your vehicle is ready for your summer road trip — bring it to the experts at the Anthony Buick GMC service center for top-quality care and car maintenance.

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